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Vina Kankal

Strategic Partner

Vina works to create compelling stories and frictionless user experiences that ensure digital marketing strategies are able to deliver on the results intended by our strategists. She oversees Pro Marketing's creative, inbound marketing, paid media and web development work to ensure that we’re cranking out content that’s better than “good enough” and memorable marketing tools that contribute, in the end, to our clients’ bottom line.

  • Phone: +123 4569008
  • Email: admin@validthemes.com
  • Experience: 10 Years

About Member

Vina is fascinated by how new technology changes (or often, doesn’t change) the norms of human communication and how those nuances factor into the ways consumers relate to and touch brands. Constantly working to create space for brands to tell a story that builds trust with their target patient or customer and helping people who need these services find them, in return, is the part of her work that she loves the most.

Vina holds an MBA in Emerging Media and Communication and a BE in Computer Science from the University of Pune.

When not working to grow our clients’ businesses, she loves traveling, riding bikes, live music, nerdy conversation about the future of digital marketing, she enjoys bourbon in its various forms as her drink of choice, almost never turning down a well-made Boulevardier.

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