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Content Overview

To make you understand efficiency and beneficial outcomes of social media marketing, we must get familiarize with traditional marketing methods, its outcome and to overcome them, how digital marketing ways helps us to get desired results.

  • Traditional marketing

Its technique is to promote brand through different facets other than digital means like advertisements on TV, radio, brochures, catalogues, etc. These marketing strategy focuses on local audience rather global one. The various channels through which we can spread brand awareness are-

  • Printing and pasting posters on billboards, taxis, buses and other commutation medium.
  • Film a video, TV commercial and broadcast on TV channels, radio channels.
  • Spread awareness through newspapers, magazine or any other paper postings.
  • Brand advertisements through telephonic call and text message notifications.

Although traditional marketing techniques are impactful and easy to understand. But these measures are not trackable i.e., there is no intelligent tool to identify the depth and cost of campaigns. These are one way communication medium, we are not aware if campaigns are read by correct audience, also it turns out to be pretty expensive one.

  • Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is used to attract, engage and retain current and potential customers by creating and distributing relevant articles such as blogs, white papers, newsletters, emails, social media posts and other media. Moreover, if connection with audience is established and nurtured time-to-time, then audience treats these brands as their partners and considers the products/services when it comes to purchase. Thus, media marketing has made powerful impact on all sizes of business, to reach prospects and customers at global level.

The highlighting factors which make digital marketing more preferable than traditional one is

  • This is highly cost effective, with small amount of investment, brand awareness can reach to humungous crowd in less time.
  • 2-way communication establishes within customer and product seller.
  • High revenue generation and increase in conversions, tends to earn company’s higher profits.

Pro Marketing Agency, a marketing agency we understand that, media marketing is go-to tactic that has proven to work and yields qualitative results. We are highly skilled in projecting the business in dynamic and engaging manner to the audiences in all available social media platforms.

  • Facebook Apps

Facebook has become hot-cake to launch and exhibit your brand in digital world. We have dedicated team to make your Facebook launch journey easy, also with being cost efficient.

  • Contents, Surveys and Sweepstakes

The agency has genius professionals to develop engaging content, to present your business/products in surveys and get a good count of enquiries.

  • Social Analytics

This section is created to interpret the mindset of audience, there effectiveness of web page and make better planning before launch of campaign.

  • Viral Video Strategy

Developing promotional videos and marketing them, are the current trend in digital platform. Contact our team for creating promotional videos and give stylish approach to your business.

  • Campaign Development and Execution

The brand launch and its publicity rely entirely on campaign development and strategy. Our decade old experience in executing business campaigns makes us finest marketing agency on social platform.

  • Social Tracking and Reporting

This activity is to track each and every corner of the campaigns, its effectiveness and customers views about web page. Our team generates report on the same for analysis and future reference.