Raman Kankal


Raman is a marketing addict with more than decades of experience in business and marketing consulting for real estate companies. An entrepreneur himself, Raman founded the web development agency in 2016. Seeing a need for comprehensive online marketing services beyond the website, Pro Marketing evolved into RUNNER, a digital marketing agency focusing on solutions for companies that are ready to grow.

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As Co-Founder and Senior Digital Strategist, Raman leads all of clients in their business strategy, brand strategy and digital marketing strategy. He has helped clients across all industries grow with a simple philosophy: build sustainable brands by creating a bullet-proof company vision and brand strategy, combined with a cohesive approach to digital marketing.

Raman's brand experience includes companies like Goel Ganga Developments , Pharande Spaces , Mercedez Benz , BMW , Volksvagon , Disha Group , Pride Ventures , Kolte Patil Developers & Many more other.