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Content Overview

This module concentrates on the activities and tasks, which are to be handled before project launch. Our Pro Marketing team schedules meetings with client on timely basis to get the knowledge of entire business or product. Irrespective of all business domains, the crux lies in developing strategies to showcase your work on all digital platforms. Our organization works effectively with business stakeholders to bring smooth launch of the product, utilizing below mentioned entities –

  • Pre-launch Giveaway

We need to create expectation and excitement before the release of the project. The most popular technique is to offer pre-launch giveaways and takeaways such as Facebook or Instagram contests, user participation on social media.

  • Trailers Publishing

Marketers publishes short trailers on timely basis to attract viewers and increase brand awareness. These trailers can be in form of posters, event venue or digital entity.

  • Create Sharable Content

Creation of high-quality blogs about business or consumer’s interest, can also drive traffic towards website.