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Content Overview

In this competitive world, Pro Marketing balances campaigning efforts across vast range of digital platforms and assets. It however becomes a challenge to track, monitor each tactic’s success and evaluate the performance of business. ‘Media planner’ team pitches as life saver and helps us determine where, when and how often advertisements will run to maximize engagements and ROI.

Our proficient market planners majorly conduct market research and establishes media objectives before the launch of campaigns. At first, our media planning team will actively work closely with brand or business to get insights as – key objective, target audience, demographics and overall goals. Secondly, the planning team will analyze the going market trend, assess the competition and find out interests of target audience. Once our team has completed the market research, then we move to budget calculation and distribution. Budget mathematics depends on what media channels like newspaper, TV, radio, mobile, social media, video and many more, to use for propagating a campaign.

Media Buying – This team takes the analysis done by planner group on the digital road. Our professionals develop and maintains relations with media vendors (publishers and channel owners). We are the one, who negotiates the buying of ad space to get relevant traffic and maximize the exposure. As soon as everything is rightly negotiated, then campaign execution generates favorable results with client satisfaction.

Our team is extremely attentive and take collective measures on these topics, which describes Pro marketing agency, most promising marketing company in digital world.

  • Conversion Monitoring

Tracking of visitor’s movement on webpage can be done, to analyze the key points for improvement which will be beneficial for lead generation.

  • Online Media Planning and Buying

Our connections are established with almost all media channels, they provide best service to the brands.

  • Creative Management

Our team takes tireless efforts to develop creative content to attract the viewer and convert them into prospect customers.

  • Traffic Analysis

Budget calculation depends hugely on accurate traffic analysis. We need campaigns with minimum budget and maximum traffic exposure.

  • Campaign Design

We design campaign that targets right audience, understand their tastes and preferences and suit the business objectives.

  • Analysis & Optimization

Our ever-ready analysis approach including in house tracking and external ad-serving technologies forms keystones for effective results.

  • Advergaming

Advergaming is a new medium of advertising that makes crowd acquainted with your products through mind blowing video games.

  • Gamification

Gamification is the Gen X approach in marketing strategy as it is the application of basic game theory and mechanics to study viewers mindset.