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Content Overview

As a Marketing agency, we provide remarkable solutions for brand promotions. We advertise the product on all digital platforms to entire crowd and also create focused communication to the prospect customers. As consumption trends shifts constantly, we address the solutions in new ways either by targeting entire viewers or concentrating on specific customer group.

ATL Marketing stands for ‘Above the Line Marketing’. This kind of marketing is largely untargeted on customer group and uses broad reach approach for entire crowd. We use various media channels such as television, print media and radio to reach mass audience base and fulfil these objectives – brand awareness, reach, ad recall and retargeting.

  • Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is to bridge the gap between your company and general public. Real agenda is to establish a brand that can be easily recognized, cherished and loved by its customers.

  • Reach

As a marketer, one of the prime foci is to increase the numbers of unique users who actually see the ad or content; also find the corners for improvement, so that these users turn into elite conversions.

  • Ad Recall

It is social media metric of campaign; this concept is used to measure advertisements reached to the viewers. Brands can begin to reflect on attention grabbing nature of advertising efforts, so to attain higher reach among crowd.

  • Retargeting

Retargeting campaigns is a top-notch marketing strategy wherein the visitors gets to see your website, product or services advertisements frequently after they leave your website. This is trust worthy long term marketing strategy, who primarily highlights on paid ads on various media pages, search pages or other websites.